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The Village

It's Friday  and all I can think of is what a busy week it has been and it's not over yet. You would think I would be used of the hustle and bustle of being a mother, but I'm not. As a mother of a 16 year old, 9 year old and, 14 month old I'm still learning, adjusting and growing. And one never stops learning and growing through the stages of motherhood. People often ask me, " Does it get easier?" I say No, motherhood comes in different stages and each stage has its own set of challenges, joys, setbacks as well as breakthroughs!! I often wonder how it would be if things were 50-50 in terms of needed fatherly assistance and support. But somehow I manage to get through it all with the help of  my support group,  my extended family, whom I like to call "the village", which comes from the African Proverb  "It takes a Village to raise a Child."

It's quite challenging with three children all at different stages in life so my daily routine g…

Keep Going, No Matter What!!

For the past couple of weeks my mood has been great. I've really been feeling good and I partially owe it to my new workout routine. For the past 2 months I've restarted my fitness routine and I am enjoying the thrill of working out, the releasing of those endorphins and the natural high that I experience when I finish working out. After a good workout I feel like I can achieve anything.

This isn't the first time that I've started a workout routine. Over the course of five years I have started and began again with exercise and fitness. Somewhere along the line, a major life change has happened that has stopped my workout routine in its tracks. One thing that has not changed through it all is my eating habits, throughout my starting and stopping of working out, I have managed to continue to eat healthy foods.

About 2 years ago I began a jogging routine that I quickly adapted to. I started out walking and within a week I was jogging half of Prospect Park. It was the m…

Peeling back the layers!

Yesterday morning, on my way to work, I decided to get off the bus a stop early to take a picture of a mural of Malcolm X and Harriet Tubman. Every morning I get a glimpse of that mural and I kept saying to myself how I would really love to take a photo of it. The strength in the mural always catches my eye and gives me much more motivation to endure another day. This mural which is painted on the side of the back entrance to Boys and Girls High School takes me back to my childhood as I am in the midst of peeling back the layers and getting to know myself on a deeper level. I am reminded of the African Street Festival now known as The International African Arts Festival that has been around for over 40 years. The festival was an event that my family and I would look forward to. I am also reminded of attending the private elementary school Weusi Shule, (which means Black School in Swahili). One of the founding fathers of The International Arts Festival, Jitu Weusi was also the founder …